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AU: Student Eleanor Calder and Solo Artist Harry Styles are totally in love. (Dedicated to Kevelin)

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because we all need some angsty au Heleanor in our lives. [LISTEN]

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ecarod: Do u think that Haleanor/Elearry/Heleanor is real? Like, what if Harry and Eleanor are in love? What if they love each other and try to hide? :O

I’ve said this so many times, no, I don’t think ‘heleanor’ is real. I mean, they would look good together but that’s about it; she looks really happy with Louis and he looks really happy with her. but if they really were in love with each other and tried to hide it, I wouldn’t have a problem with it either, LOL.

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Anonymous: where are you?? i miss your manips :((

I’m still here! It’s just been a tough winter break for me and my family so my edits have been AWFUL! So hopefully, I can get my mojo back soon :) xx 

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TBH, 2013 was a good year for the ‘heleanor’ fandom - it could’ve been better. 

we got photo booth pictures: 

pictures of eleanor, louis and harry at the Newark airport: 

and the video (x)

but we always have 2014 to look forward to :) 

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el-called-her: check out my latest post xx it's heleanor xx

sure thing sweetie! <3 

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Anonymous: Can you please link me to the manip tutorial you once reblogged? I'm struggling to find it xxx


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Anonymous: YAY! You're back! Please keep doing elearry manips <3 xx

I’m not completely back… yet. I’m very busy with college and shit but after next week I’ll start postig more edits :) x

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