| baby I loved you first...

she’s got a boyfriend anyway; a harry/eleanor fanmix
→ songs that inspired this fic

loved you first, one direction i’ve been waiting all this time to finally say it | little white lies, one direction cause you’ve been taking up my mind with your little white lies | sex, the 1975 now we’re on the bed in my room and i’m about to fill his shoes but you say no | i wanna be yours, arctic monkeys secrets i have held in my heart are harder to hide than i thought | so real, jeff buckley i love you but i’m afraid to love you | good thing, sam smith although you made my heart sing, to stay with you would be wrong | go slow, haim i can’t make you stay but i’ll be hurting from the heat | burn, ray lamontagne so kiss him again just to prove to me that you can and i will stand here and burn in my skin

nouispony: HEEEEEYYYYYY! I just love you blog, its so cute and i feel so "awn" when i see elarry manips, and i ship elounor so hard but okay haha LOTS OF LOVE FROM BRAZIL, SWEETIE

Thank you sweetie! ♥ 

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onxedirection: holy fucking! i love your blog girl, i ship elounor but I think heleanor very cute haha their manips are wonderful. You could make more edits of Elourry? thank

thank you, you’re so sweet. Thing is that I’m busy at the moment and the fact that there aren’t new hq pictures of Eleanor makes it a bit harder since I don’t want to used the same ones again and again and again. But as soon as there are new ones I’ll post some. sorry. x

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AU: Student Eleanor Calder and Solo Artist Harry Styles are totally in love. (Dedicated to Kevelin)

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because we all need some angsty au Heleanor in our lives. [LISTEN]

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ecarod: Do u think that Haleanor/Elearry/Heleanor is real? Like, what if Harry and Eleanor are in love? What if they love each other and try to hide? :O

I’ve said this so many times, no, I don’t think ‘heleanor’ is real. I mean, they would look good together but that’s about it; she looks really happy with Louis and he looks really happy with her. but if they really were in love with each other and tried to hide it, I wouldn’t have a problem with it either, LOL.

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Anonymous: where are you?? i miss your manips :((

I’m still here! It’s just been a tough winter break for me and my family so my edits have been AWFUL! So hopefully, I can get my mojo back soon :) xx 

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TBH, 2013 was a good year for the ‘heleanor’ fandom - it could’ve been better. 

we got photo booth pictures: 

pictures of eleanor, louis and harry at the Newark airport: 

and the video (x)

but we always have 2014 to look forward to :) 

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